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    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    By using the best SEO practices we ensure that your website beats its competition to the top rank on the
    top search engine results. We use a variety of tools and techniques to deliver the best SEO solution including:

    One of the best ways you can ensure the success of your business is to make it highly visible in the virtual world. As a modern businessperson you just cannot risk overlooking the importance of the web and the need for you to optimize it. Open IT fulfills this critical need through the most efficient SEO services.

    • Keyword Research
    • Link Building
    • Competitions Analysis
    • Web Marketing Analytics
    • SEO Content Development/Website Optimization

    Our SEO solutions increase your website traffic and boost sales. The results of SEO are straightforward and suits Open IT’s result oriented approach.

    Keyword Research

    Selecting the right keywords is the basis of effective SEO. Our SEO experts carefully research your business and industry to find the optimum keywords for your website. The choice of keywords will be dictated by many factors, all of which are handled with the expert knowledge and experience that Open IT’s experts have. The high quality of keyword research is the first step in the direction of your website’s high search engine rankings. The best keywords also result in the highest website traffic levels.

    Link Building

    Links are the lifelines for your search engine optimization. Once the keywords are researched Open IT’s SEO experts optimize the internal linking structure of your website. We create back links from your industry’s most relevant websites. Search engines use link popularity algorithms as part of their searching and ranking process and our link building works to get your website the best of that process.

    Competitive Analysis

    Open IT’s prime focus on results is the reason why we are so thorough in our work. Our SEO not only includes researching your business and target market but also an analysis of your competition. Your competitors also use keywords to reach the same potential clients as you. We conduct a compressive competitive analysis, gaining an insight of what competing industry players are doing and what we can do about it, ultimately resulting in your competitive edge in the industry.

    Web Marketing Analytics

    It’s not at all surprising that information is extremely important in information technology. Open IT’s SEO specialists employ various analytics tools and techniques to collect, measure, analyze and report internet data regarding your website. The web marketing analytics enable you to optimize your website usage and we help you transform this knowledge into increased traffic and conversion rate.

    SEO Content Development/Website Optimization

    Search engine optimized content is what often fuels the entire SEO process. Our gifted content writers collaborate with our SEO specialists to create web content that not only gets high search engine rankings but holds the interest of the visitors reading your website. This helps you exceed the expectations your traffic has from your high ranking website.

    An Ongoing Process

    Search Engine Process is not a onetime fix; rather it is an ongoing process that maintains your online superiority. At Open IT we are in a constant state of self-improvement whereby we achieve sustainable results by keeping ourselves up to date with the dynamic world of search engines.

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