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    Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    Smart online exposure is what your business needs and what Open IT’s social media specialists know how to deliver.

    You need to market your organization on the social media avenue that has grown by leaps and bounds recently. Without effective social media marketing, it’s extremely difficult to survive today’s competitive business world.

    We offer the most efficient social media marketing solution through a variety of practices such as:

    • Profile Management
    • Blog Marketing
    • Multivariate Testing
    • Press Releases

    Profile Management

    Profile management is critical to your business operations. People will talk about your business and brand regardless of your decision to use social media marketing, unless they don’t know that you exist. Through profile management we give you the ability to take part in the social communication pertaining to your enterprise and make it work for you.

    Blog Marketing

    Using blogs to promote your business is a very powerful and cost-effective strategy. It can be set up very easily and lets you reach a very wide range of readers in your target market. Open IT’s social media experts deliver blog marketing that fits your company. Our talented writers collaborate with marketing specialists to render blog marketing services which perfectly complement the capital intensive marketing endeavors you may be undertaking.

    Press Releases

    Open IT’s experienced and skilled writers can write press releases regardless of your industry. From announcing a new product to denouncing damaging rumors about your company, our press releases efficiently give a voice to your social media profile. We write and submit press releases to PR distribution companies to put out a good word for your enterprise.

    Multivariate Testing

    To ensure the maximum utilization of social media solutions, we conduct high quality multivariate testing that can range from aesthetic tweaking of your social media elements to totally reconstructing them.

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